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Ominous is a fake TV show created by Bailey and Jambie. As of yet, it does not have a set premiere date, but it is rumoured to be starting in late 2014, possibly late October or sometime in November. It will generally be rated T, but some episodes will deal with very mature themes.


As cliché as it sounds, when Ae-cha moves Waterville Point, she knows something is just not right. The people...they either stay away from each other, or they get together and cut everyone else out. But she knows it isn't just a matter of her being new...after all, the other new girl, Australia, certainly doesn't seem to have had any trouble in fitting in with everyone else. Also, meet Marissa. A girl who has no memory of anything in her past. All three girls, tired of constantly feeling as if everyone looks at them differently, decide that, if they're going to stay, they need to get to the bottom of whatever it is that is lurking within the walls of Waterville Point.


  • 'Ominous' is a term meaning 'to have the feeling that something bad will happen'. This will be a very prominent theme throughout the series.